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The exchange runs on LSEG technology to provide safe and secure transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Throught AAX Quick Buy, users can easily buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using fiat currency. With the support of third-party payment partners, users can buy cryptocurrencies using more than 20 fiat currencies and pay via bank transfer, SEPA network, Visa, Mastercard, etc. Once cryptocurrencies are bought, they can be used for Spot and futures trading on the AAX platform. Crypto bought by Quick Buy will be credited to your AAX funding account.
We support:
Argentine Peso (ARS) 、 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 、 New Zealand Dollar (NZD) 、 Australian Dollar (AUD) 、 Croatian Kuna (HRK) 、 Poland Złoty (PLN) 、 Bulgarian Lev. (BGN) 、 Hungarian Forint (HUF) 、 Russian Ruble (RUB) 、 Canadian Dollar (CAD) 、 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 、 Swedish Krona (SEK) 、 Swiss Franc (CHF) 、 Indian Rupee (INR) 、 Turkish Lira (TRY) 、 Danish Krone (DKK) 、 Japanese Yen (JPY) 、 Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) 、 Euro (EUR) 、 Korean Won (KRW) 、 US Dollar (USD) 、 Pound Sterling (GBP) 、 Norwegian Krone (NOK) 、 Vietnamese Dollar (VND)
If you already have cryptocurrency or cash in your account, you can use "Sell" to change it to another currency.
Step 1: Select the currency you want to sell.
Step 2: Select the currency you want to receive.
Step 3: Hit "sell" and follow the instructions.